Sunday, February 27, 2011

wonderful warm weekend

We had a great weekend....didn't do anything exciting, but that's just the way I like it. If only the weekend would last a little longer! :)
Sweet babies in the bath!

Tucker was asleep in the living room and Aaron found him like this.  Clara had covered him up. She's such a little mother hen:)
Clara cracks us up all the time. She brought her monkey out and sat him on the porch so he could watch us play baseball:)
Yay!  We noticed the first little sign of sping in our yard today!
We got all signed up for baseball and Reece is SO excited! They have been in the yard almost every evening practicing!  I'm excited too!  I love going to the games and practices! 
Just a silly picture of our silly boy!  Clara was sick on Monday and Tuesday and Reece was sick on Wednesday and Thursday.  I was so glad to see them back to normal this weekend!  Hopefully the winter sickness has left our house! :)
Reece and Aaron also went fishing this weekend! Reece caught a nice bass!  Not quite long enough to keep, but he sure was proud of it!:)  He said he caught the "big fish" of the day!

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